Purpose of

"Vets In The Know"

Connect Group


  • To create synergy, provide advice, suggest improvements, handle special issues, solve problems and facilitate change within the group through our Administrative, Outreach and Training Teams.

  • To accept and acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Begotten Son of God, who died for the redemption of our sins and rose from death as Lord.

  • To reach out to Veterans seeking to learn and accept a "new way of living"  through The Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • To give space for Veterans to experience his or her feelings.

  • To give time for Veterans to deal with any ambivalence about sharing his or her story with the group.

  • To serve as a gentle nudge to encourage Veterans or family members to talk with the facilitator(s) and the rest of the connect group members.

  • To help Veterans and their families with resources and referrals to community and veteran service organizations.

  • To ask for feedback from group members regarding topics and their experiences with the group.