Disability Compensation vs Pension Benefits


How Are Pension Benefits and Disability Compensation Different?


These VA benefits have different eligibility requirements and criteria for determining payment amounts:

  • Pension Benefits: are for Veterans who served during Wartime. Eligibility is based on financial need. This is what we consider when determining eligibility, Your and your dependents’ net worth and annual income, and your age or the severity of any disability you may have (it doesn’t have to be service connected).  Your income determines the amount of your pension payment

  • Disability Compensation: is for Veterans with Service-Connected Disabilities who served during Wartime, Peacetime, or both. Eligibility is based on the type and severity of disability. It isn’t based on net worth or income level.  Your level of disability (your disability rating) determines the amount of your disability compensation.

Note: You can’t get VA pension payments and disability compensation at the same time. If you apply for and are eligible for both, we’ll pay you whichever benefit is the greater amount. 

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