View VA Decision Letter Online


How To View VA Decision Letter Online


The ability to view and download your VA decision letters online saves you time.  Quick access to your disability decisions and benefits summaries could save you a call to VA if you have questions about your decision or need an official copy of your paperwork.  No need to wait for a paper letter in the mail.


Follow these steps to access your past and current VA decision letters:


  • Navigate to and sign in using any of the sign-in options.

  • Click on VA Benefits and Health Care at the top of the VA website.  You will see a dropdown menu.  Select Disability, then check your claim or appeal status.

  • Find the claim you are looking for.  If there has been a decision, it will say Status” Closed.  Remember that, if your claim is not closed, a decision letter will not be available yet.

  • To locate your VA decision letter, click on View details.

  • On the next page, click “Get your claim letters.” You will see a list of letters sent by VA in chronological order, with the most recent mailing at the top.

  • Select the letter you need.  The decision letter will be downloaded as a PDF file that can be viewed and saved to your computer or mobile device.



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